The Benefits of Previewing the Afterlife and Exercising Your Etheric Body

etheric body

The so-called astral dimension is not an abstract or philosophical concept, but a literal scientific reality that can be experienced with practice.

Lately, I find myself leaving my body about once every week or two. These excursions do not go beyond my bedroom. Although in the past these trips have enabled me to communicate with others in this dimension, or be taken on small excursions into other realms (otherwise known as astral projection), the vast majority of the time it involves simply disconnecting for several minutes in my bedroom without an astral-projection element. The clearest, realer-than-real experiences occur while I am close to my physical body like this, even if nothing particularly “interesting” occurs while I am doing it.

These experiences are similar to the initial reports during a near-death experience (NDE) of bodily disconnection, when this effect occurs against your will because of physical trauma. Researchers have confirmed life-altering positive effects as a result of even brief NDEs. Similar effects can occur as a result of etheric disconnection.

A few benefits I’ve experienced include:

  • Elimination of the fear of death.
  • High levels of excitement
  • Decreased general stress and anxiety for the rest of the day or week

The following are the characteristics I’ve noted as I undergo this experience:

  • The removal of a highly translucent, semi-transparent limb from it’s non-etheric counterpart.
  • Despite it’s translucent nature, the limb is highly physical. You can make a fist, feel it’s muscles, etc.
  • Often, an etheric arm has a distinct sensation of numbness and “pins and needles”. Despite the notion that it’s made of energy, I’ve come to find that it feels atrophied like it has not been used in a while. Waving the arm back and forth increases it’s circulation and restores sensation, accompanied by the feeling of blood flow being restored.
  • Switching to the use of etheric counterpart sensory organs. The state is indistinguishable from being awake normally, with normal eyesight and hearing present. This can be very confusing because you may think your eyes are open. In fact your normal eyes are closed.
  • I’ve noticed both eyesight and hearing may be somewhat improved. The surroundings, however, through etheric eyes may be slightly different. I’ve noticed different colors and shades of light present compared to normal wakefulness.
  • There is, however, full perception of the physical world. If my roommates are having a party in the next room, I can hear everything they’re saying. I’ve even been able to “spy” on people this way and report accurately what they were doing.
  • One of the most surprising attributes is suddenly you have no need to breath. It feels as if you are on a full breath at all times. You can however activate breathing muscles, and apparently ingest etheric air.
  • Taste-buds are still active,  I will often place my etheric fingers into my mouth. The taste of my skin is always surprisingly coppery and metallic. Saliva is also present.
  • The etheric limbs go through all physical objects. Just like in the movies, as a ghost you simply slip through things.
  • However, there is also the presence of etheric matter. I’ve found objects containing etheric counterparts that can be pulled apart from the physical copies. For instance, I may remove the etheric matter from a glass on my nightstand and find i can interact with it, while the physical glass cannot be touched.
  • In almost all cases, for me it’s very hard to move my torso out of my body. It appears the etheric body is magnetically attached to the physical. It’s much like trying to pull two magnets apart. However, my limbs (legs, arms, neck / head) can all move freely.
  • I am not convinced that instances of astral projection necessarily involve my etheric body; but more a mental projection of myself. I think the etheric body is stuck to the physical body. However, with practice I’ve been able to disconnect short instances, such as being able to leave the room.

Using your etheric body in this way is literally a preview of your life to come after you die. In some ways, it’s like the highly translucent nature of the body exists because it hasn’t fully formed yet; much like being in a cocoon. But in the future, you will be using this body as your new home, in countless new, exciting environments.

Due to the fact that properties like awareness and physical sensation are indistinguishable from my regular waking existence, I am convinced that being “dead” and reconnecting fully with your etheric body is exactly like being alive. After the magnetic disconnection from your physical body is complete, you will be able to walk around and you’ll feel no different whatsoever, with the exception of certain physical changes (no need to breath) and possibly a lighter, airier nature.

I am NOT convinced that certain physical sensations, like pain, will no longer be present just because the etheric body cannot be destroyed. My etheric arms frequently feel uncomfortable as what I assume is the etheric blood-flow being restored. I can also pinch myself or hit a wall and feel pain; as it seems all physical function is identical

However, unlike your current body, no such physical effect could have a long-term detriment, and discomfort cannot have any kind of control over you as it does now. I do not know whether or not the etheric body can be damaged or harmed, but I assume if it is damaged; it can be easily repaired or regenerated.

Doing this frequently, it becomes easy to see how operating your etheric body is closer to the way life is meant to be. The body is supposed to be a vessel that we use to interact with our environments, with each other, and to express ourselves. The physical world, on the other hand, imposes harsh limitations against us. However, to know that we can easily separate and preview our next, better condition is a huge relief.

In the future, I’ll go into more detail of how to achieve these separation experiences.

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